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About Focus Disability Network Society

At Focus Disability Network Society we value a healthy inclusive community and strive to work together with community partners to encourage a culture of acceptance, accountability, accessibility and diversity. This allows individuals to benefit economically and socially in their community.

Operating since 1997 and recognized as a charity since 2008, we have been educating Fraser Valley organizations and the general public regarding varying disabilities, supports, training and vocational services. We are member driven, though events are open also to non-members. Our members are organizations which provide services and support to people with varying disabilities, especially in the fields of employment preparedness and employment supports.

Bi-monthly networking and education sessions are attended by local vocational service providers, school and higher education representatives, disability services organizations, and other bodies. At these sessions, attendees network together and share their knowledge and experiences. Guest presenters provide valuable expertise. Conferences and special events equip professionals to assist their clients in reaching their full potential.

In addition to formal meetings, members are able to use their networking opportunities and the resources of the
Society to identify and contact local services for disability services consumers.

The Society is governed by a working board of directors from various community agencies and sectors.